About the Journal

General information

Journal of Sport and Recreation is published online with frequency of 2 issues per year. Access to articles is free all issues are available online www.sportinstytut.pl 
Aim and scope of Journal of Sport and Recreation

The aim of JSR is to disseminate the knowledge in the area of sport and recreation. Futhermore JSR supports sharing the research findings which enrich, comment and argue the existing knowledge on sport and recreation. The scope of the Journal is a wide spectrum of issues. It focuses on the following themes: sport & recreation marketing, sport & recreation management, social sciences on sport & recreation, cultural science on sport & recreation, physical activity research, theory of sport & recreation. 

Journal of Sport and Recreation takes actions against ghostwriting. If an article has more than one author, there is a need of attaching a statement about each author’s contribution. 
Review proces

After submission Editor-in-chief decides whether an article is in the scope of the Journal and meets the editorial requirements. Then double-blind review proces is undertaken. Submitted paper is sent to two reviewers assigned by the editor. At least one reviewer comes from a country different than the author's. Reviewers can decide if the aticle is: • Accepted for publication  • Accepted for publication with minor changes • Accepted for publication with major changes • Rejected The final decision about publishing is taken by the Editor-inchief. 

There are no publication fee for authors. 

contact the editorial office:  sgoclowska@sportinstytut.pl 
contact the publisher Instytut Rozwoju Sportu i Edukacji  sekretariat@sportinstytut.pl 

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