Combining Theory and Practice for Volunteering in Sport

Erasmus+ Professional Development Activity
12-18 september 2022
Leader: Aksaray University, Faculty of Sport Sciences (Turkey)

The main idea of this project is promoting the soft and hard skills of any youth workers -including trainers, coaches, PE teachers, young people, college students etc- working in the field of sport with volunteers and also assisting them with good examples in the frame of volunteering.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • conducting a meaningful analysis on the needs and expectations of local or foreign volunteers expectations, defining their strengths and weaknesses and professional/educational priorities
  • being able to set measurable and realistic goals with a local or foreign volunteer (by means of a consensus); the realization of which will guarantee the development of the volunteer's competences and will ensure satisfaction with the work that completed
  • promoting high-quality youth work engaging in volunteering in sport by expanding the range of tools used by 36 participants
  • lecturing the participants about how to integrate young people with fewer opportunities into sport volunteering
  • training youth workers about sport events management and risk management in sport - transferring academic study and analysis results on participation opportunities for young people with physical obstacles
  • sharing the best examples and applications sport volunteering in sport within the scope of youth and community work
  • supporting integration and team building processes with volunteers
  • monitoring the development of hard and soft skills of a volunteer
  • attainability of the assumed goals
  • evaluating the volunteering process (before-after) with the volunteer while specifying the ways to improve unsatisfactory works.






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