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Antidoping Green Seal

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(N.reference 590430-EPP-1-2017-1-ES-SPO-SCP) Guia ingles Guidelines Polish Version

Program: Erasmus + Sport

Priorytet: To tackle cross-border threats to the integrity of sport such as doping, match-fixing and violence, as well as all kinds of intolerance and discrimination.

Koordynator: Agencia Española de Proteccion de la Salud en el Deporte (AEPSAD) – Spanish Agency for the Protection of Health in Sports (Hiszpania)

Partnerzy: Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Comunnautaires asbl (Belgia), Riječki Sportski Savez (Chorwacja), Fondazione Giovanni Paolo II per lo Sport (Włochy), Instytut Rozwoju Sportu i Edukacji (Polska), Parent Community Sports Trust (Wlk. Brytania).

The main objectives of the Project Antidoping Green Seal are to:

  • Define of consistent and agreed understanding of which doping substances are used in the context of recreational sport.
  • Establish an evidence-based assessment of the problem:
    a. Identify the causes of the use of doping among the youngsters.
    b. Define barriers and measures to prevent doping among young people.
    c. Identify and collect the information about preventive programmes and initiatives in the countries of the participating organization of the project. Design of the database of the good practice in the field of the doping prevention in recreational sports environments.
  • Develop the comprehensive preventive programme to conduct a raising-awareness campaign in six EU countries (Spain, Poland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy and Croatia).
  • Establishment of the Ethical Code and the granting of Green Seal to recreational sports settings committed with the rules of the Ethical Code. The European network of “Green”, free of doping sport centres.





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