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Traditional Settlements, Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development

Project Title: Traditional Settlements, Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development
Project Date: 1.09.2016-31.08.2018
Duration: 24 months
Programe: Erasmus +
Key Action: Cooperation for Innovation and the exchange of good practices
Lider projektu: Kentro Perivallontikis Ekpedefsis Filiaton (GR)
Partnerzy: Tudás Alapítvány (HU), ASPECT-Management and Intercultural Relations (BG), Shoqata Shqiptare e Ambientalisteve Industriale (AL), Instytut Rozwoju Sportu i Edukacji (PL), Razvojna agencija Sotla (SL), Associazione Paesaggi Connessi (IT), Comune di Petrosino (IT).

The rationale of this project is related with the fact that Traditional settlements in Greece consist an integrated part of the Greek tradition and heritage. Therefore their preservation, not as lifeless museum exhibits or as destroyed monuments, but as a dynamic part of the contemporary life is crucial for the regional development of the country yet.

By this meaning the project about the “Traditional Settlements” has firstly been implemented by the Centre for Environment Education of Filiates, in local-national level in order to reclaim and promote the Traditional Settlements of Thesprotia region.

The target groups involved will gain knowledge, experience and awareness on the subject, widening their professional challenges and gradually becoming defenders of the cultural wealth.

The transnational implementation of this project will enhance the exchange of knowledge, ideas and good practices for the adult education in activities which might be developed in the traditional settlements-villages, all over Europe, providing professional solutions to the relevant with this field jobs.

The objectives and targets set in European legislation are key drivers to improve the protection of the cultural heritage. Starting from the fact that culture is not static but it results as an output of mixing populations, the political evolutions wordwide and the issue of identities and differences, motivates us to reclaim tradition as an active factor in the procedure of the identity designation.

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