CheckMATE! (Check Meet Action Team Europe)

Program: Call 2019 Round 1 KA1 - Learning Mobility of Individuals, KA105 - Youth mobility

Lider projektu: Cooperativa Sociale "Il Mosaico" (Italy)


Data: 1.05.2019 – 31.12.2019

The Youth Exchange CheckMATE! is born to create an international opportunity in the city of Vicenza and in the province about the building of a unified society using the game like a tool. Nowadays some social phenomena show that there is a big gap among people of different culture and among people of different generation and these could invalidate the social capital of the territory. CheckMATE! want to add value to the game like an opportunity of testing and developing new skills for the participants to improve their wealth and to reduce the risk of unemployment or dropping out the school.

The main goals of the projects are:

  • The knowledge of the new and old games of the different countries which are involved in the project to share common and specific aspects;
  • The promotion of the game like a tool to join people and to find a common language;
  • The promotion of a multicultural and intergenerational approach on the territory;
  • The increase of the life skills using the game to show a correct and constructive approach;
  • Build and disseminate a game that contains the experience of the young participants in


The CheckMATE! Activities will be implemented with a participating approach to involve people to be active, share their knowledge and their personal experience. Some kinds of activities are: group building activities and international events to create a strong group; scavenger hunt for the discovering of the local territory; World Cafè, Workshops, Open Space Technology, Escape Room, Brain Storming to increase the skills about the central topic; Focus Group for the evaluation of the activities; individual meetings with the Group Leaders to know the mood of the single participant; a visit to an international event about games and other experimental activities to know different way of gaming; some official meetings with local delegates and about Erasmus+; daily activities such as Energiser, Ice Breakers and Refreshments.

The project will involve 30 young people under 30 years old, they will come from 6 different countries, 5 youngsters for every partner (Italy, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Greece, Portugal), plus one Youth Leader for every single group.

The participants will be selected about their interest on the topic and every group will have a

balanced number of people of the same gender (maximum 3 girls for every group or vice versa). Every partner will involve 2 young people with less opportunities of ethnic minority or dropped out the school or NEET (not (engaged) in education, employment or training).

The final output of project will be the CheckMATE! Game. It will be a game created during the youth exchange with the ideas, the experiences and the traditions of the participants. There will be a new game made with the influential of 6 countries, the aim of this new game is that everybody from different countries could play it. The project will have an impact on every different group: the participants will develop their skills during the non-formal activities, they will increase their knowledge about Erasmus+, they will try different intercultural and intergenerational approach to solve conflicts, they will improve their English and grow their network of European friends. The second impact will be on the Partners, who will expand their abilities about planning, they will know new non-formal way of education, they will enlarge the network of European Partners, they will increase their local and international visibility.

The third impact will be on the target groups who will develop their visibility and their network from a local level to the international one. The general impact of the project will be favoured using the social networks where the participants will be the main characters and the main users to tell the activities of CheckMATE!