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Playing Sport for Social Inclusion

The project sees the creation of a course designed to train socio-cultural operators, to learn methods and approaches aimed at using sport as a means of social inclusion and participation.

Project Aims

Sport, intended as a game, fair competition, or as physical activity aimed at well-being and pleasure, is one of the most effective ways to promote social inclusion and participation

Numerous experiences show that, both as established educational practices, which as emerging experiences. Some examples:

  • Relevant use of sports such as integration of people of different cultures, with a special focus on young migrants;
  • Water sports and physical activities in the aquatic environment are increasingly used as an integration opportunity both to people with different abilities, both as educational methodologies towards disadvantaged groups (eg. The discipline of diving, sailing, water skills .. );
  • Also sport activities and movement that occur in the natural environment, ie outdoor activities, educational opportunities are considered of primary importance, especially in a society increasingly "virtual";
  • Sports and physical activities can also be a chance to meet people of different generations, as in the practice of traditional games, or at a sporting event able to involve the entire community;
  • Finally, the sports and physical activities are, in themselves, an intrinsic source of education, both at the level of values ​​(fair play, respect for opponents, education efforts...), that self-care (feeding, form physical, lifestyle), that of self-knowledge (knowledge and mastery of one's body, its limitations and possibilities, development of self-control, observation, meditation...).


Training of youth workers.

  • Participants: 24 youth worker (no age limit).
  • Duration: six days, plus two travel.
  • Period: March - June - 2019
  • Location: Rome

Training contents

The educational goals on which we are going to train the educators have the purpose of:

  • Increasing the knowledge of the operators on the use of sports practices with young people for educational purposes;
  • Knowledge of simple methodologies linked to sport, play and movement, for use with in youth work;
  • To facilitate a reflection on how the operators use these methods in their work contexts, and how to transmit them to other operators of the parent organizations, in order to be multipliers of the content offered by the course.





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