Call for Papers Traditional Sports in Asia and Pacific

The Foundation Institute for the Development of Sport and Education (Foundation IRSiE) is seeking articles for a special publication on traditional sports in Asia and Pacific.

Within the above theme, we welcome contributions from the broadly defined field of sport studies, and due its interdisciplinary nature we are open to texts from a wide range of academic specialisations: from history, through sociology, anthropology, ethnography, psychology, heritage studies, cultural and leisure studies, regional studies, to education and policy studies. In particular, we are aiming to advance research in the combined sport and heritage fields, and to highlight the multi-layered nature of sport as an important factor in the life of both individuals and societies.

We wish to publish high quality, original articles, both conceptual and empirical. Following a blind peer review process all the accepted articles will be published free of charge in an electronic, open access format on a dedicated website. Printed copies of the publication will be available upon request.

Recent years have witnessed a growing interest in traditional sports or the so-called regional or folk sports. Clubs and festivals of traditional sports aim to preserve traditions of physical activity of nations and peoples around the world. In a number of notable instances traditional sports have become well-known international sport disciplines. In many countries, traditional sports have been deliberately developed as an element of national pride and identity. Elsewhere, however, they have been neglected or even completely forgotten. Typically, traditional sports are lost in those societies where imitative cultural trends dominate at the expense of own traditions and local heritage. Moreover, many sports that locally play a defining cultural role in some communities remain largely unknown to the rest of the world.

Foundation IRSiE, building on its extensive experience in the fields of sport, culture and education, is planning a series of dedicated publications on traditional sports on different continents, beginning with Asia and Pacific. Our ambition is to reach out to a range of academics, professionals and communities to present histories, narratives, rules and any other possible information about traditional sports in this part of the world. We invite all interested parties to submit research articles and research notes on traditional sports in a bid to preserve the often precious and rare knowledge, and to promote this important, and yet often undervalued, element of culture in order to enhance our understanding of the world around us.

Detailed editorial requirements and other useful information for authors can be found on,traditional-sports.html

The publication will form part of a planned series titled "World Cultures". The Asia and Pacific issue of Traditional Sports is scheduled for 2017, with deadline for the declaration of interest at the end of February 2017, and deadline for submission of the full text at the end of May 2017.

Should you have any additional questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. We value your feedback and are open to networking opportunities.

The Foundation is a member of European Traditional Sports and Games Association (ETSGA)/ Association Européenne des Jeux et Sports Traditionnels (AEJeST).

Yours sincerely,

Kazimierz Waluch, PhD
Foundation IRSiE
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