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MAGICS - Medieval Activities Grow International Cooperation in Sport

Start: 01-01-2020 - End: 31-12-2022
Project Reference: 613492-EPP-1-2019-1-HU-SPO-SSCP
EU Grant: 60000 EUR
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Sport
Action Type: Collaborative Partnerships

Coordinator: Varkapitany Lovagi Torna Egyesulet (Hungary)
Deryneia Minicipality (Cyprus)
Gruppo Sbandieratori 7 Contrade Di Orte (Italy)
Kelmes Miesto Vietos Veiklos Grupe (Lithuania)
Instytut Rozwoju Sportu i Edukacji (Poland)
Ayuntamiento de Pedreguer (Spain)

MAGICS–Medieval Activities Grow International Cooperation in Sports wants to foster the sharing of best practices at European level to favour the crossfertilisation and internationalisation of activities and organisation of small traditional sports and games associations and clubs, to promote participation and intergenerational cooperation in traditional sports and the participation to the European Week of Sport 2020The project will take place from 1/1/2020 to 31/12/2021 and will give the opportunity to 6Local Coordinators and 18between athletes and trainers from 6European Countries (IT,CY,HU,PL,LT,ES) to take part in actions aimed to:-promote voluntary activities in sport, social inclusion, equal opportunities, awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity, participation and equal access to sport for all-share best practices for the cross-fertilisation between different traditional sports to reduce the level of competitiveness and to promote conflict management and problem solving-create deeper synergies with the education and youth sector, promoting the participantion of traditional sport clubs in community education and the transgenerational trasmission of know-how and competencies-promote european traditional sportsThe project foresees the following activities: 2 Transnational Meetings for the Project Team, 3 Transnational Meetings for the mobility of athletes and trainers, 6 Open Days for the sensibilisation of local communitiesLocal meetings for the involvement of stakeholders, policy makers and civils society organisations, Dissemination plan for the promotion and diffusion of Project’s result and achievements, Events for the promotion and celebration of the European Week of Sport in 6 Countries. The Project wants to result in an effective resilience of small traditional sport and games clubs against conflicts and high competitiveness, to preserve voluntary activities in sport and the transgenerational trasmission of knowledge.

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